Tivat, Montenegro for Luxury, Submarines and Ice Cream

So Tivat didn’t use to be an exciting place, when it comes to resort towns on the Montenegrin coast. Its residents were always stereotyped as “lousy swimmers” by other Montenegrins, presumably because of the lack of swimming-friendly places in the town.

This all turned around a coupe of years ago, when foreign investors decided to by what was a disused naval shipyard and turn it into a luxury resort and marina for international yacht owners who happen to cruise this particular part of the Mediterranean. These days the town of Tivat has become pretty posh as a result – and even though this sort of thing is definitely not my scene, me and a couple of friends decided to go one afternoon if nothing to satisfy our curiosity. At a first glance, it definitely did not look like rest of Montenegro – once you stepped in the area, it felt as if you were in Monte Carlo or Nice. The restaurants all had pretty steep prices and all the shops were designer brands. However, one cool and affordable thing is the Naval Heritage Collection, where you can get acquainted with the region’s naval history and actually step inside a real submarine and have a tour to get a glimpse into life of people who had to spend time in it. Once we were finished with our tour, we decided to do the remaining affordable thing – get some ice cream from the upmarket place called Moritz, that served colorful flavors like lime and basic or rice and cinnamon. Then it was definitely time to go back to reality!

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The local (fancy) supermarket serves delicious cheese bagels. Another affordable thing!

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