Tokyo for A Bigger, Cleaner Disneyland

My girlfriend and I took a two week trip to Tokyo and being that we both grew up in Orange County and loving Disneyland, we had no real intentions of going to Japan’s satellite theme park. But we were staying with her aunt and uncle who had connections, got us tickets and kind of made it seem like we had to go. So not to cause problems, we took a day for Tokyo Disney and it was super awesome!

Surprisingly, Japan’s Disneyland was bigger than California’s and it was amazingly clean. I saw someone drop a soda on accident and a worker immediately came out of nowhere to clean it up and spray the area with a disinfectant or something. It was crazy. The park had all the rides and types of things you’d expect from a Disney park, and was really fun. I’m glad we did it and happy it came at the end of the trip so it didn’t really get in the way of the other things that we wanted to do that are only available in Japan.

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