Tokyo for Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is an awesome type of DIY barbecue that is available all around Tokyo. It’s one of those places where you cook everything right at your table. The staff brings out your choice of meats and things, and you throw them right on your table and spice them up to your liking. It can be a little overwhelming if you don’t have any guidance, so be sure to take note of the people around you for some tips on how to cook and spice your meal, or just ask! YouTUBE is a great resource. I really loved the grilled oysters though.

We enjoyed our okonomiyaki while exploring Hiroshima. The whole area is very interesting though there is a bit of melancholy in the air walking around as an American. Apparently Hiroshima does okonomiyaki a little differently in that they combine seafoods and meats, so if you’re looking for traditional style maybe go somewhere else.

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