Tokyo, Japan for Arcades

My guest house was great, I stayed at one of the TenTen Guest Houses. The have 6 different guesthouses in the same area. I was concerned because Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Choosing one of the TenTen Guesthouses really allowed me to save money that I could put to use doing another amazing things around Tokyo. Once of these things was spending time in the GIGANTIC arcades that are throughout the city. There are large arcades that are owned by Sega and other game makers that are essentially small sky scrapers. As you walk inside, you see a lot of people playing games, and the rows of different types of games seem to never stop. They have everything from driving games to shooting games, these are situated within a lot of Japanese strategy games. I think this would make for great places to take dates on a fun adventure.

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Grif Batenhorst

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TenTen Guest Houses

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