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One thing I always heard about modern-day Tokyo is that is has a very vibrant and wild nightlife with clubs to fit just about any kind of entertainment you are looking for. This news both excited and scared me because I love night moves but getting lost in the middle of good-times is far easier when in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Fortunately for me I had a guide that my friend hooked me up with and though we went to far more places than the following list, these spots provided some of the more memorable times.

5) Feria

From The Website: Feria is another stylish night club that takes up all 5 floors of the entire building in Roppongi. Feria is a popular spot for both Japanese and foreigners who are looking to make friends, or just dance.

Ristorante offers delectable cuisine such as sushi, drinks, and a wine lounge on the first floor. On the second floor, enjoy groovy R&B music at the Midas. Proceed to the sophisticated Crystal lounge third and fourth floor if you are looking to relax and chill out. There is also a bar at the rooftop if you are seeking for a romantic night scenery of the city.

Indulge in the luxury of excellent drinks, good music and accompaniment at Feria!


From The Website: SOUND MUSEUM VISION. This huge subterranean space in Shibuya has many different moods. GAIA, the main floor, has one of the best custom-made sound systems in the world. DEEP SPACE is imbued with pure underground spirit. In two different lounge spaces, you can enjoy two different atmospheres – WHITE is sexy; D-LOUNGE is warm.


From The Website: Looking for a slightly more formal and classy type of night club? Here is one that fits your description! Genius is located in Ginza, the high-end district of branded boutiques and chic restaurants.

Look out for dandy men in their suits and ties and stylish ladies in their glittering dresses and accessories. This is not a place for the casual party-goer, so do dress up a little lest you get denied entry to the club!

2) Womb

From The Website: Located just 15 minutes walk away from Shibuya- the mecca of the fashion-chasers and hip youngsters, Womb offers you a vast dance floor, great lighting and superb sound system that altogether provide the perfect recipe for a crazy night of dancing and fun!

A giant mirror ball hangs from the center of the main dance floor, reflecting the multi-colored lighting on to every corner of the hall. Many famous DJs play at the womb, so do check out the schedules before hitting the Womb!

1) ageHa

From The Website: The biggest club in Tokyo where you might find yourself lost in the crowds of 5000 people! Three dance floors, an outdoor swimming pool and numerous chill-out areas and bars: take your pick and groove to the blasting music.

It is located at Shin-Kiba, which is not exactly the most central spot in Tokyo, but you can take a free shuttle bus from Shibuya (Roppongi-dori street) that comes every 30 minutes. Remember to flash your photo ID for age confirmation!

Once you reach ageHa, down a few shots and prepare for all hell let loose!

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