Tokyo, Japan for Sushi Dai

Arriving in Tokyo and being about as unprepared as ever I was on a mission to find great sushi. After all, I was in the birthplace of it all. In the 18th century when the city was still called Edo, sushi began as simple street food using fish freshly caught from the Tokyo Bay. Wrapped in dried seaweed (or Nori) or on a bed of vinegared rice, it was optimal on the go, because it could be prepared easily and eaten with the hands. In other words it was the Japanese version of a burrito. I love burritos. I also love sushi so it dampened my mood when I found that my chances of being able to walk in and be seated at a sushi place without having made reservations months in advance was impossible. One local gave me a tip about a place in the fish market that is not necessary to make reservations at but you have to stand in line. I had just flown thousands of miles to get a full-blown Japanese experience so standing in line for an hour or two to get some authentic sushi was no problem. Not to mention it was totally worth it. I guess having your restaurant at the fish market allows you to have first choice on fish brought in that morning because everything is fresh caught that day and I’m currently drooling thinking back on this place. If you find yourself in Tokyo the definitely go stand in line at this place.

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Luxury Shinjuku Studio+Mobile WiFi

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