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5) Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern

From The Website: Midfield Wine Bar fits the first (and most important) characteristic of a wine bar: it is a great place to drink wine. With a rustic coziness and wines that slant on shelves behind the bar, you want to stay awhile. Imprisoned wine sits behind bars asking to be freed and offering a nostalgic edge when paired with curly corded telephones. There is bistro fare which arrives on wooden boards and can be as light as charcuterie or as heavy as braised short ribs. Tuscan reds and small European producers make the wine list as interesting as it is drinkable. Glasses range from $9 to $14 and bottles from $35 to $55. Absolutely everything is available by the glass. (647-345-7005)

4) SpiritHouse

From The Website: Plush black leather couches, reclaimed wooden tables and a sleek entrance may make you think you have stepped into Pretension District when you go to Spirit House. Don’t be fooled. The ambience is just a sidenote, and the focus is first and foremost where it should be at a place with the name Spirit House: on the cocktails. There are no bartenders who have taken a weekend course here, but rather mixologists who know how to properly mix a drink. Founded by the owners of the Toronto Institute of Bartending, there is serious attention given to drinks that are both classic and innovative. The drinks menu may require some time to properly peruse, so pull up a chair. Should you need a nibble, the upscale bar food includes charcuterie and pulled duck poutine. (647-277-1187)

3) Bar Hop

From The Website: You may be able to have too many shoes, but you can never have too many brew pubs (too much beer is another thing, but we don’t want to be downers). Toronto’s Barhop doesn’t require that you engage in a tour of the city. There is more than enough brewing goodness in one place. You can get a large format table bottle if you and your friends are the sharing types, or you can sample from their seasonal beer list. There is even a nice array of gluten free beers and ciders. The gastropub atmosphere means that you are not stuck with some greasy reheated fare, but rather hearty food that matches the fancy brews. Start with the garlic doughnuts and don’t shy away from the breaded pickles. Breath mints might be a nice thing to pack along with your wallet. (647-352-7476)

2) Char No 5

From The Website: The new Delta brand in Toronto is making a splash and defying the already-high expectations of locals. Their hotel bar, Char No. 5 continues the trend, tucked away so that it is free from the florescent lights of hotel lobbys. Dark and musky, the bar seems to wrap itself in the qualities of its attributed drink: whisky. If your experience with whisky has been ho-hum, this is the place to shake things up (or at least place them on the rocks). The diversity of flavour in this grain mash is amazing and you can sip on a grassy or austere blend while nibbling on truffles, the ultimate pairing. Cheese, poutine and bison tartar continue the theme of elegance through the menu. Whisky cocktails range from the classics (Manhattan) to inventive new offerings (Toronto Sour). They are convinced that you will walk out loving whisky. Challenge accepted. (416-637-5484)

1) Hoof Cocktail Bar

From The Website: An opinionated cocktail bar that can be hard to find from the street, Hoof Cocktail bar is the drinking extension of the popular restaurant The Black Hoof. You will find classic and clever drinks with bourbon, rye, cognac and more for the base. You may want to try a Guajillo Margarita, even if you don’t know what guajillo infused tequila is. What you won’t find as the base is vodka, which owner Jen Agg declared as “dumb” in a blog post. If you can do without your vodka, you will gain low lighting, smooth jazz and candles in mason jars as the backdrop to your drinking experience. The food menu is limited, but does include Black Hoof inspired meaty elements, such as duck wings or popcorn chicken hearts. If you are really hungry, go to the Black Hoof after or before your drinks. ((416)792-7511)

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