Toronto, ON, Canada for Canada's Wonderland

No need to travel all the way to California, when you can enjoy all the pleasures of Disneyland at the Wonderland in Canada. The place offer amazing fun filled rides, worth visiting for thrill and pleasure seekers. Interesting thing about these rides’s is that they appeal toddlers as well as thrill seeking teenagers. Rides include Behemoth, Single-shot, Dragon fire, Sledge Hammer, Shock-wave, Night Mares, Riptide, Wild beast, Vortex, Leviathan, and many many many more thrilling roller-coaster rides. My personal favorite was Leviathan, had a blast up there.
On a hot summer day, the most attractive thing for me was wonderland’s Splash works. The place offer a number of water rides for kids and for adults, and trust me you will love to get splashed there. The Splash works here offers Whirlwinds, free-fall plunges, Super soaker and much more. I enjoyed personally in White Water Bay, one of the largest outdoor pool of Canada.
There were a lot of food vendors with clean food but bit expensive prices. I enjoyed my trip a lot and that was one fun day. Will love to go there again.

Insider Tip

There gonna be long lines and waiting so do bring hats, and water to keep yourself hydrated.

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