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Up until last year I’d never been to Utah and didn’t have any strong desire to visit the state, but I kept hearing a couple names of State Parks or random hikes, mountains, or things like that and I’d look them up later and very often they happened to be in Utah. I mean I’d flown through a few times, but that obviously doesn’t count. So after drooling over some photos I’d seen on the Internet of Zion National Park and that seeming to be the closest of Utah’s Grade A destinations, we decided on a group trip out to check it out.

We drove overnight from Orange County, which if you can avoid I would. The drive wasn’t bad, there’s just a lot to see and you miss out when there’s no sunlight. We drove out on Monday morning and it was amazing how much there really was to see, and that wasn’t even in the park.

Zion is incredibly beautiful, full of giant red rock formations, and some of the world’s best hiking. We did a few small hikes and a small group of us did Angel’s Landing, which was pretty sketchy in parts, but with a huge payout. The hike itself is amazing, with 360 degree views, and the final ascent to Angel’s Landing is a huge relief. I saw people doing this hike in flip flops and with little kids, which seemed ill advised at best. I’d highly recommend some sturdy shoes and keeping a close eye on any kids. It would be very easy to fall.

The camping at Zion is nothing to write home about. The sites are all fairly close to one another and allow fires and one or two cars per site. The best part of the sites were that they were close to a small river that had a beach where we could post up and cool off with some beers after the day’s activities.

If you haven’t gone, I’d definitely add Zion to your list of destinations.

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