Utah for Thor's Hammer

It might not be the most famous Canyon in the United States, but in my opinion, it is the most beautiful. Bryce Canyon is so colorful and has views unlike anywhere else I’ve seen in the world, even at The Grand Canyon. We went in the wintertime and the contrasts in color were just phenomenal. Obviously, it was pretty cold, but nothing we couldn’t handle with the right attire. I’d recommend taking the trail down from Thor’s Hammer and enjoying yourself for a full day on the trails, which there are many in the area.

One complaint I have is the entrance fee to the price. Bryce is on the smaller side when compared to other National Parks, so the fee didn’t really seem to add up considering what you’d pay at Yellowstone or somewhere. But, I suppose if it keeps places like this in tact, then it’s worth it, but it did strike me as odd is all I’m saying.

Where I stayed / started

Bryce Canyon National Park


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