Vis, Croatia for Ultimate Relaxing and Cave Exploring

For most of the 20th century, the island of Vis generally served as a naval base for then-Yugoslav army. As of early to mid-90s, it started opening up more for the general public, becoming increasingly popular among the regional and international crowds alike. Even though in recent years Croatia on the whole became a bit over-saturated with tourists and, as a result, overly-expensive and not entirely enjoyable as a vacationing spot anymore, Vis has still somehow managed to remain secluded and true to its authentic self.

The little fishing village of Komiža is probably the most popular spot on the island, and it was once a gathering point for artists and bohemians from the wider Balkan region. Today it is popular among the free-spirited backpacker types, probably because of its well-know nudist beaches and a pretty big unregistered wild camp, which has a reputation of being party central during the summer months. Still, if you’d rather just relax and sunbathe (with your swimming suit/pants still on) like myself, there’s plenty of places to do just that. Even better, if you rent out a car, you drive around the island and look for lesser known beaches and swimming spots for ultimate isolation.

From Komiža, you can also go on plenty of fun adventures, like taking a boat ride to the nearby Biševo island that has the most amazing sandy beach called Porat, perfect for a game of Picing that’s popular among the locals (basically something like beach volleyball, only played in circle and in shallow water). We also managed to squeeze in a tour of the Blue Cave, in which the water gives off a stunning, almost ethereal glow. All in all, Vis was a perfect balance of chill and adventure!

Insider Tip

In one of the alleyways just above the main/marina road, you will find a little dingy place that serves over 30 flavors of local brandy.

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