Visit Some More Places for Observing A Lot More About Thailand

Chaing Mai
Being one of the oldest and historical place, Chaing Mai is one of the main attraction of Thailand. Chaing Mai has the Bamboo rafting facility by Mae Tang River, you can also have an elephant ride, camps and have a bath with them, to understand the life-circle of an animal being (an elephant). It has many temples like Bangkok as well. So you can see numbers of walls and monuments which is being built thousands of years ago. Located to the Northern side of the mountain, so if you wanted to enjoy the mountain then why not have a quick tour of the mountainside are? For learning more about Chiang Mai, visit my Chiang Mai Journey page. You can click here,

Located at the Western Thailand. It has the best scenery for the visitors consisting of calm watery resources. I said watery because the main attraction of Kanchanaburi is its beautiful waterfalls. It is best known for the bridge over the River Kwai that is linked with the historic Death Railway to Burma. In this place is very historical and memorable as thousands of Asian laborers and POWS died during instruction under Japanese occupation during WWII. Several museum has been built to collect all that historical information for the visitors as well as for the local people. Outside Kanchanaburi there are some National parks, caves, waterfall and much more for you to enjoy.

Tired of your busy life? Then Thailand also has Pai the calmest place of the whole Thailand where you can have fresh breath, enjoy the real natural environment and can see many crops fields. You can also observe how the farmers cultivate the lands, made crops from them. You will view a totally different story of life, can realize how beautiful, how charming and how simple the life is by touring this beautiful Village of Pai. There was a beautiful river by the village what increases its attraction more.

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