Vršac, Vojvodina for Hills, Castle and Wine

On one our of travels to Romania, we decided to stop for a day and a sleepover at the town in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina called Vrsac. It is located just before the border, so it provided a great logistic spot to get some rest before continuing with our Balkan railway adventures.

Vrsac has the capacity to instantly charm its visitors – with its Austro-Hungarian architecture and its distinct, colorful facades, green parks and people cycling everywhere – all staples of a true town in Vojvodina. However, even with at these typical characteristics, Vrsac still does stand out. In the province that is, much like its neighbor of Hungary, known for its vast flatness, Vrsac actually has hills surrounding it, making it unique among other towns in Vojvodina. We took the time to explore the hills and visit the Vrsac castle that is found atop of the hill that overlooks the entire town. We also climbed to the Guduricki Peak that in turn, provides spectacular view of the Carpathian mountains in Vojvodina. Vrsac its also known for its great wine, prepared and display at town’s annual Grozdjeball (Grape Ball) festival. We decided to visit a couple of cellar to get a taste for ourselves – and it was delicious. Finally, in the evening, we went to a cute pub in the center of the town before getting a good night sleep and continuing our Balkan trek.

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Hotel Vetrenjaca

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