Waikiki for Sacred Stones

I was walking down the ocean side of Waikiki, near the police station on Kalakaua Ave when I notices there were fenced off basalt rocks almost to be hidden in plain sight. I walked over and read the signs as well as asked a few questions to some locals. The story I got was that four healers from Tahiti traveled to Waikiki around 400AD and then became known throughout the island for their abilities. The healers did not want to stay long so they transferred their spiritual energy into four separate stones so that their healing powers could remain in their absence. Lost for decades, the sacred relics were uncovered in 1958 after a bowling alley was demolished. They were once named the “Wizard Stones of Kapaemahu”, they were restored and blessed, and renamed Na Pohaku Ola Kapaimahu a Kapuni. Im not sure that I personally believe in the healing powers of objects but when you are there and around the stones you definitely get a sensation of how important these are. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself close

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