Waikīkī, Honolulu, HI for Pearl Harbor

As I booked this trip I already knew I was going to visit the Pearl Harbor memorial and after a little research on my computer I was able to schedule an all-inclusive, daylong tour. It wasn’t that much more than the other tours and I got to visit all the sites of Pearl Harbor along with updated naval buildings and ships. The most heart wrenching part of the tour for me was when I saw the “Black Tears of the Arizona”. I always knew this was a tragic event but it wasn’t until I saw the leaking oil that everything about this tragic event was beyond anything I could ever comprehend. Of course the entire tour was a massive eye opener because you can only do so much research online but until you physically visit the place, you never fully realize how insane December 7, 1941 must have been. Whether you decide to take a short tour or the all-inclusive one I went on, I highly recommend doing so.

Where I stayed / started

Great apartment with ocean view


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