Washington D.C. for Medical Oddities at the Museum of National Health and Medicine

My friend is a medical student and when I visited DC with her, her only can’t miss destination was the National Museum of Health and Medicine. We decided to go after lunch so we wouldn’t risk being too grossed out to eat afterwards (it has of some pretty weird stuff!). It’s kind of far from the area we were staying in the center, but we caught the Red Line from Union Station and then walked about 20 minutes to get to the museum itself. It took less than an hour all told to get there. I was expecting it to just be weird specimens like the giant hairball and the megacolon, but there was also a lot of really interesting medical and military history there. A lot of the specimens are from the military and you can see specimens and surgical instruments from the Civil War even. Of course, there are also a lot of skeletons and creepy things floating in jars too! It was a really interesting place, but not for everyone.

Photos via Flickr users Connie Ma and Sharon McKellar

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