Washington D.C. for the 8 best kept secrets

I travel a lot for business and look for unique things to find. I found some great secret places that are intriguing around DC and decided that I just have to pass this information around because they always make my stays in DC much more enjoyable. Some of them are really great to check out.

1. The Technicolor Church
I might not be a professional photographer or anything like that but, this place is very interesting to go walk around and to take a few quick pics to at least show how nice it is standing out the way it does in its community. From doing some research I found that an Atlanta based artist names Alex “Hense” Brewer is the artist responsible for this gigantic work of art.

2. The Indoor Cabin
Yeah, that sounds pretty strange but there is a full-size log cabin located in the middle of a Mansion on O st. It is pretty cool, you can actually rent out this two-level cabin. It has a timber bed, a plasma TV, and a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom that turns into a sauna. Talk about a nice “cabin” experience.

3. Hidden Creepy Forest
Want to find that True Detective-esque experience with the creepy woods. The Glass Forest, has old bicycle parts, decorative mirrors, branch triangles, and more is creepy and scattered through these woods. Park at Palisades Park and walk towards what appears to be someones backyard. The trail to the woods is on the right and it only takes a moment to start seeing some creepy stuff.

4. National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
Want to feel like Mr. Miyagi? Well, then head to the National Arboretum. The best thing is you get to admire these super old and tiny trees. On some days the museum offers CSI Bonsai which is an opportunity to find out how you killed your tree and to tell you how to do better next time.

5. Chinese food from a Days Inn
Yeah Yeah, I know what you are thinking. I kept asking where to get good Chinese food and everyone kept telling me inside of this Days Inn so finally I went and tried it. Definitely opt for the Dan Dan Noodles. You will not be disappointed.

6. Watermelon House
In the Logan Circle area of DC on Q street you will find this house painted like a giant watermelon. Not sure why but, its cool to see and even snap a couple photos of.

7. Adams Memorial
This one is a little creepy but it does make you feel something very intense. From the research I have found is that writer Henry Adams’ wife, Clover, committed suicide in 1885 by drinking photography chemicals. He then commissioned Augustus Saint-Guadens to cast a memorial representing the Buddhist idea of nirvana where there is no joy or sorrow. You can find it in section E of Rock Creek Cemetery

8. Franciscan Monastery
In Brookland you will find a gigantic Franciscan Monastery, which is beautiful in itself but, heres the real kicker… you can get your four legged little friend blessed there. Once a year, friars bless the pets in conjunction with the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

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