Washington DC for National Mall

After getting settled in to the AirBnB that I wish was just my permanent apartment, my first stop was the National Mall. Just forewarning that you need to put aside at least one day for it. This place is kind of your one-stop shop for all things iconic monuments and memorials in Washington, D.C.. You can literally stand on the top steps of Capitol Hill and see all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial at the other end with the Washington Monument in the middle. Then sprinkled in between and on the sidelines of this mass expansion of green grass decorated with monuments are plethora of museums. Everything was breath taking on this tour of past time but the Lincoln Memorial made me stand still for a good 10 minutes. Not only is the statue massive but you can almost hear the voices of past whispering in your ear. It was breath taking. My only regret is that I didn’t more time here. Whether you are the world’s most patriotic or not, this place is a spectacle. I hope to go back some day soon.

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