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Washington, DC, United States for Bowling & Brunch (Georgetown)

Brunch at a bowling alley? “It can’t be interesting”- I thought. I like bowling but besides having a burger, sandwich or finger food, I haven’t known bowling alleys to be places of culinary interest. I arranged to meet four girlfriends to catch up on our lives at Pinstripes Georgetown early on a Sunday morning. Figured this will be unique way to indulge in one of the favorite Washingtonian pastimes: Sunday brunch!

The Scene: Upon entering Pinstripes Georgetown, I spotted an open kitchen and a chocolate fountain. The bistro and bar area were close by the entrance and the Bocce and bowling alley were in the back through a corridor not directly visible. The brunch spread was inviting and I was starving. The open kitchen displayed crates of fruits and vegetables, pizzas were being baked in a large oven, and omelet and waffles stations were ready to serve. As my party was complete, we headed to the bowling alley where we were made aware we only had an hour to bowl and eat and were not going to be able to go back to the bistro for brunch. None of us had anything to eat before arriving, yet, we decided to bowl first and brunch after. Mimosas asked the waiter?

“Not on an empty stomach”- exclaimed my friend Christine, the wise voice of the group…. I settled for juice.

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