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Willows Lodge for Spa Day

Arriving at the lodge I noticed that the spa opened up into a great relaxing environment, I have been looking for awhile for a great place to have a relaxing spa day and not just a place that was in the middle of the city. Woodinville which is about a half hour outside of Seattle is a great place to have that happen. Admittedly so, I have snuck out here after a long work day and as well for a romantic getaway with my wife. The most recent time that we went it was great, I got the sports message as I have been running and prepping for some marathons. My wife got the Thai Herbal Ball message which she described as being lovely and relaxing. They describe it as an experience that you cant get through without melting. To be honest I can imagine that is exactly what would happen. After we hit their nice outdoor hot tub for some more relaxation and a glass of champagne. Ill continue getting up to Willows Lodge as much as I can.

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