Yosemite for Bears and Grand Views

Figured I’d lived in California too long to not have been to Yosemite yet, so we hopped in the car and drove up straight from work one Thursday night to call in “sick” the next morning. The drive was long and arduous, but we were glad to be in Yosemite once we woke up the next day.

We’re generally tent campers when we go on camping trips, but Yosemite is obviously a super popular destination, so all of the sites that you can reserve in advance were already reserved so we opted for a non-heated canvas tent cabin, which were still available for reservation, which was a big issue considering we were going to get up there after midnight so we wanted to make sure we’d have somewhere to post up. The price was nominal and we got two cots, so we pushed them together and ended up with a bed that was a lot more comfortable than what we’re used to when camping. This was in April so it cooled off a bit, but the “non-heated” aspect of the tent didn’t really affect us. The only downside to these sites is that you can’t make food where you camp due to bears. There’s just too many tents, so the likelihood of people leaving food out or creating a situation where a bear would feel invited is just too high, so you have to eat somewhere else. They did have bear boxes though, so we just stored our food there then made our meals down in a picnic area that had views of Yosemite Falls, which was actually a much better option if you don’t mind carrying your stuff to a picnic area.

April was a good time to go. It was fairly crowded, but it didn’t really take away from the beauty of the park. We hiked up Upper Yosemite Falls and got cooled off by the mist of the falls, and ended up taking a nap on the top.

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